Lead generation, the lifeblood of any business, is a team sport. And as a leader of those teams, I’ve played every position.

Partnership marketing development and management

Targeted, negotiated, managed, measured, and developed lucrative partnerships with leading brands in many B2B and B2C markets, leading to mid-eight figure referral channel.

Copywriting and content development

Researched, wrote and edited email campaigns, web pages, blog content, collateral, case studies, webinar content, phone scripts, PR materials, landing pages, and more

ROI measurement and cost reduction

Defined target metrics and tracked costs, lead gen targets, close rates, and more. In 2017, cost-per-sale was reduced more than 50% while referral revenue grew more than 15%

Customer research

Interviewed customers and developed customer surveys to set foundation for content strategy and to improve program efficacy 

Lead management development and refinement

Developed end-to-end lead generation program, including customer profiles, content strategy, ULD (universal lead definition), lead scoring, lead tracking, lead handoff, and efficacy metrics. 

CRM development

Defined business processes and lead development of Salesforce CRM to support lead generation program  

Agency management

Managed PR, digital, and ad agency relationships, including budget and strategy management

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